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Cork Mother Jones Commemorative Committee

Anne Feeney group 2014

Anne Feeney update

The Cork Mother Jones Committee is delighted that singer songwriter and activist Anne Feeney has been enjoying good health. In her recent newsletter she has recalled the terrific time she had in Ireland in 2014 when she brought her tour to Shandon for the Spirit of Mother Jones […]

The Limerick Soviet

A new documentary, The Limerick Soviet, which has been produced by Frameworks Films, the Cork based film production company in collaboration with the Limerick Council of Trade Unions will be shown at the Maldron Hotel, Cork as part of the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival on Friday evening […]

E.L. Voynich (Lily Boole)

The Remarkable Story of Lily Boole

The Remarkable Story of Lily Boole     Author and journalist Alannah Hopkin will present the story of a remarkable Cork woman Ethel Boole otherwise known as Ethel Lilian Voynich or E.L.V. at the Maldron Hotel on Thursday 30th July at 2pm. Ethel Lilian Boole was born at […]

Dave Hopper of Durham Miners Gala

The Durham Miners’ Gala 2015

The 131st Durham Miners Gala will take place on Saturday July 11th 2015. Organised by the Durham Miners’ Association, the parade through the beautiful city of Durham, the subsequent Big Meeting and the blessing of miners’ banners in Durham Cathedral remain one off the greatest manifestations of trade […]