The Spirit of Mother Jones Festival 2014

  • Rosemary Feurer
  • Prof. James Green

The Cork Mother Jones Committee wishes to thank the many hundreds of people who worked on a voluntary basis in Shandon during the recent 2014 Spirit of Mother Jones Festival to ensure another remarkable success story for this relatively new event. It has been a stimulating week!

It has been another wonderful event, drawing participants from far and wide, local visitors, trade unionists, historians and tourists from many countries to join in the activities of the summer school and festival which celebrated the life, the courage and the spirit of Mary Harris/Mother Jones.  

We wish to thank our speakers, film makers, musicians, actors, media representatives and the huge community effort that went into what eventually became a week long event. We acknowledge the support and cooperation of all the people who work at our two venues, the Firkin Crane and the Maldron Hotel.  

The responses from many of the several thousand people who attended at some stage during the week has been extremely positive and supportive for both the festival itself and acknowledge the huge and impressive input of the local community in Shandon.    

The festival itself is tribute to the hard work and dedication of the members of the Cork Mother Jones Committee,the amazing local community spirit and huge growing international support which exists for the event. To our friends and supporters and those who honour the Spirit of Mother Jones across the world and are in turn inspired by her, we say thank you!

The Spirit of Mother Jones Festival 2014

Photos at the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival 2014

Music at the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival 2014