The Spirit of Mother Jones Festival 2022

Save the Dates! The 11th Spirit of Mother Jones festival will be held in Shandon from Thursday, 28th July, until Saturday, 30th July!

All are welcome to attend.

James Nolan, the spokesperson for the festival, stated,

“We are absolutely delighted to announce that our annual Spirit of Mother Jones Festival will take place as usual in Shandon on the last weekend in July. 

The dates for the three-day festival are from Thursday, 28th July, until Saturday, 30th July 2022.

We will continue to have a wide range of events on issues which we consider would be in the Spirit of Mother Jones.”

We hope to have a “real” festival at venues across Shandon, and while it is dependent on the Covid-19 position at the time, we are optimistic that we can make the festival happen.

Full details of our festival partnerships and many other events and plans will be announced over the spring and summer as they are confirmed.

*UPDATE* The 2022 Spirit of Mother Jones Festival was a big success. We returned to an “in-person” festival after the Corona years, and it was brilliant to meet our friends and supporters again. Here are the related articles from our website about the 2022 edition:

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