Gallery 2016 – 2020

Over the years, the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival has accumulated many photos of speakers, guests and events. Here are the links to the photo albums throughout the years. These photos are from the Festivals between 2016 and 2020

Photos from 2016 Festival:

  • John Nyhan
  • Joan Goggin
  • Richard T. Cooke
  • Davy Hopper
  • Luke Dineen
  • Greenshine
  • Laurence Fenton
  • Pat Egan, Dave Hopper, Durham, miners, Mother Jones, Cork
  • Luke Dineen
  • Richard and Jimmy
  • Lord Mayor with Jack O'Connor
  • Tish Gbbons and Ann Piggott
  • Anne Twomey
  • Crowd photo
  • Dr Sean Pettit
  • Bernadette Wallace (right)
  • Sean Pettit and Richard T. Cooke

Photos from 2017 Festival:

  • Julianna Minihan
  • James Goltz
  • Ethel Buckley
  • Ed Byrne (ASTI)
  • Ann Piggot makes presentation to James Goltz
  • Ann Piggott presents Ethel Buckley

Photos from 2018 Festival:

  • Film launch
  • Luke Dineen presentation by Ann Piggott
  • Louise O'Keeffe
  • Linda and William
  • Mary Manning presentation with James Nolan
  • Jimmy Crowley
  • Anne Twomey
  • Anne Twomey and Ger McCarthy
  • Noreen Murphy
  • Louise Ryan and Ger O'Mahony
  • Mary Manning presentation with committee
  • Micheline Sheehy Skeffington
  • Dominic
  • Mick and Jennifer Treacy
  • Frank Connolly presentation
  • Loretta and Ann
  • Loretta Williams / Mother Jones
  • Micheline Sheehy Skeffington presentation

Photos from 2019 Festival

Photos from 2020 Festival

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