Cork sends greetings to Mother Jones Foundation

The Cork Mother Jones Committee has sent warm greetings to the Mother Jones Foundation on the occasion of its annual dinner which is held every October. 

A letter to the Foundation included the following:

“It is a great honour for us to convey fraternal greetings from Cork, the birthplace of Mary Harris, to the Mother Jones Foundation, its officers, members and supporters.

Mother Jones was honoured in Cork for the first time on 1st August 2012 when a plaque was unveiled and a festival held in the Shandon area of Cork, close to where she was baptised in the North Cathedral exactly 175 years earlier.

On 11th February 2013, the Cork City Council passed a unanimous motion declaring August 1st to be henceforth “Mother Jones Day” in Cork.

The Committee held a “Spirit of Mother Jones Festival” in 2013, which attracted considerable national and international interest. Our 2014 festival will take place from 29th July until 1st August and will again feature a range of national and international speakers who will address themes we regard as close to Mother Jones’s brave and fiery heart. A full list of events will appear on our website in January 2014.

The event will feature the very best of Irish music, concerts, films, a garden party, a play, formal lectures and informal discussions over the four days and all are very welcome. The festival is dedicated to “the memory of Mary Harris known as Mother Jones and inspirational people everywhere who fight for social justice”

We wish to salute the Mother Jones Foundation for ensuring that the memory of the brave and courageous woman lives on and indeed is very much alive today more so than for many years. Mother Jones provides hope to us all in this age of austerity and her spirit will help to lead us to “that grander civilisation” for all, which she sought and fought for all her life.

Thank you all for being an inspiration to us here in Cork”.





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