“Understanding the Rise of Trumpism among the ‘Great-Grand Children of Mother Jones”

Dr John Barimo will speak at the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival and summer school on Wednesday evening 1st August at 4pm at the Cathedral Visitor Centre, Roman Street, Cork.

Dr. John Barimo

Dr. John Barimo

He will address the following topic:

“Understanding the Rise of Trumpism among the ‘Great-Grand Children of Mother Jones”

This lecture will focus the role played by many of Mother Jones “Progeny” in Appalachian coal country that became staunch supporters of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign even though it appeared in many ways to work against their own self interests.  These so-called great-grandchildren are current miners or other manual workers and their extended families, many of whom are still bound by the cycle of poverty.  There will be a background brief on a few quarks of the US electoral process and an examination of the socioeconomic profile of the people of Appalachia.

We will also explore effects, influences and scope of social media and misinformation campaigns, and the use of effective branding and marketing campaigns.  Lastly, we will look at the shifts in public sentiments during the campaign and voter sentiment in Pennsylvania which was the key swing state with struggling coal and steel industries.  A few film clips will be embedded in the presentation which will highlight public sentiments in Appalachia along with the struggles encountered by these individuals.

Dr Barimo is an educator, coastal ecologist, writer, advocate of social justice and adventurer. He earned a doctorate in Marine Biology and subsequently lectured at socially disadvantaged third level institutions in the US Virgin Islands and Miami. He has recently come to Cork and lives in the Shandon Historic Quarter.

John will speak at 4pm at the Cathedral Visitor Centre on Wednesday 1st August.

All welcome.


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