You can contact the Cork Mother Jones Committee at

or by telephoning Ger O’Mahony  (+ 353) 86 3196063 (mobile) or Jim Nolan at (+353) 86 1651356.

If you get no response from either of these try Ann at (+353) 86 9031282.

If you would like to submit your suggestions for the next festival please email us using the email address above as soon as possible.

For further information and updates follow our Social Media. Our Facebook page can be found at: and our Twitter account can be found here:


One thought on “Contact

  1. On October 11, 2020, the real Mother Jones Museum and the Union Miners Perpetual Care Committee in Mount Olive Illinois created a Miners Day event in remembrance of the miners who were shot and or died in the October 12, 1898, Battle of Virden Illinois. Loretta Wymer Williams, aka, Mother Jones, the only MJ actress to have performed in both her birthplace and her final resting place warned us all to “be forever vigilant” during this short video of her performance that day:

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