Possible relations of Mother Jones sought

We are seeking out people who believe that they may be related to Mother Jones (Mary Harris Jones).  As people will know, Mary lost her own children, four of them and her husband George Jones in an outbreak of yellow fever when the family was living in Memphis, Tennessee, so there are no direct descendants alive, however there must be people alive today in both Ireland and the United States who are related either through the Harris and Cotter families in Ireland or the siblings of Mother Jones.   We know that Mary’s eldest brother, Richard, became a Catholic priest but she had another brother, William, and two sisters, Catherine and Ellen.

Regarding the Harris family in Ireland , Mother Jones grandparents on the Harris side seem to have been: William Harris & Mary White.They were the parents of Richard Harris, Mary’s father.Richard seems to have had a sister Hanorah Harris, b 1805 and a brother John, b 1798.   Mary’s father Richard Harris was from Cork and her mother was Ellen Cotter from Inchigeelagh in the Lee Valley, West Cork.

If you believe you are related to Mother Jones, or that there may be a family connection, we sould love to hear from you. Send us an e-mail or telephone Jim on (086) 3033576.

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  1. My family came from County Cork in the 1840s. I always admired Mother Jones because my grandfather was a miner in the anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania in the early 20th century. His family came from County Cork. In fact, every Cotter I’ve ever known came from County Cork. In fact, Cotter isn’t even a recognizable Irish name — unless you happen to visit Cork and nearby communities.
    I was fascinated that Mother Jones was a daughter of Richard Harris and Ellen Cotter, who were married on Feb. 9, 1834. Her name was Mary Harris, born Aug. 1, 1837. Her siblings were named Richard, Catherine, Ellen, and William. These are names that have continued in my family for generations. Since Cotter is not a common name in Ireland, except in Cork, I’m sure we have a connection to Mother Jones. I am proud to be associated with her name. I never knew of the Cotter connection until I read the wonderful biography of Mother Jones by Elliott J. Gorn. She was truly an American icon.

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