Tadhg Barry signature

A fascinating piece of history has come to light thanks to an Irish Times reader who forwarded a copy of a unique document to Frank McNally after his article on the Mother Jones festival in the newspaper last week which referred to the story of Alderman Tadhg Barry who was shot dead at Ballykinlar Internment … Continue reading Tadhg Barry signature

Hillsborough, the torment of injustice

The Annual service of remembrance brings the families and friends of the 96 men, women and children who were killed at Hillsborough to Anfield each year. (95 died on that day and one later). The thousands, who attend the service, fall silent at 3.06 on the 15th April. It was the exact time that the … Continue reading Hillsborough, the torment of injustice

More on Tadhg Barry

There has been a lot of interest following our article on Tadhg Barry and the piece on him in today's Irish Times  (see http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/heritage/locked-out-of-history-1.1473824) Among those who contacted our committee was Tadhg Barry Galvin, a grand-nephew of Tadhg Barry now living in England. Tadhg sent us the above photo of him presenting booklet on his grand-uncle … Continue reading More on Tadhg Barry

Vita Cortex documentary to feature at Mother Jones Festival

A documentary on the lengthy struggle of the Vita Cortex workers will be shown at the Mother Jones Festival in Cork on Wednesday, 31st July. The workers sit-in at the Vita Cortex factory has already gone down in the annals of Cork’s long history of worker’s struggle. The 161 day long occupation of the plant … Continue reading Vita Cortex documentary to feature at Mother Jones Festival