Day 4 of the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival

Fergal Keane
Fergal Keane speaks on “Human Rights in a Divided World” in the Maldron Hotel at 7.30pm tonight (Sunday)

Today, Sunday 31st July is the fourth day of the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival.  There is just one event at the festival today – that is the lecture on “Human Rights in a Divided World” by the distinguished BBC  foreign correspondent Fergal Keane at the Maldron Hotel at 7.30pm.

Fergal Keane, although born in London, has strong Cork connections and part of his education took place at Presentation Brothers College in the city.

Fergal has reported and borne witness from many of the world’s trouble spots such South Africa, Rwanda, Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland. He describes the conflicts around him from the perspectives of the ordinary people and children who are suffering and dying in circumstances over which they have no control or say.  The recipient of a BAFTA, he has won the George Orwell prize for literature. Fergal was named Amnesty International’s Human Rights reporter of the Year in 1993.

We would ask all those who wish to hear Fergal’s lecture to arrive early as a large turnout is expected.

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