US events on or about May Day to honour Mother Jones

The Mother Jones Museum (USA) events committee in Mt. Olive Illinois, announced United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts will be laying wreaths at the graves of the Irish born labor agitator Mother Jones, former UMWA Secretary Treasurer John Banovic and Sam Yurkovitch, an immigrant coal miner who enlisted in WWI and died at the second battle of the Argonne in 1918. Mother Jones rests in Union Miners’ Cemetery in Mt. Olive IL. The event, April 28 at 11AM, is to celebrate May 1, Mother Jones’s selected birthday (She was actually born in Cork, Ireland in July 1837 and baptised on August 1st of that year).  This is the only union owned cemetery in the USA.


Brother Roberts will move to the Mother Jones Museum. He is well known for his fiery and inspirational speeches. Music, additional speeches, tours of the museum and other events are planned.

The Mother Jones Museum is part of the city of Mt. Olive. Donations may be sent to: Mother Jones Museum, Mt. Olive City Hall, 215 E Main St, Mt Olive, IL 62069. Checks will be made out to the city with the note/tagline stating it is for the 2018 May Day event. Donations are tax deductible.

Nearby lodging may be found in Litchfield and Staunton.

For further information, contact Joann Condellone <>


For additional details contact Joann Condellone at or phone at 618 659-8759

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