Cork honours Mother Jones’ “American birthday”

The Toast
Toasting Mother Jones at the Mother Jones plaque at Shandon, Cork City

Members and friends of the Cork Mother Jones Committee last night (30th April) gathered at the Mother Jones plaque on John Redmond Street in the Shandon area of Cork to mark Mother Jones “American Birthday” which is traditionally celebrated on May Day.

While Mary “Mother Jones” was born in Cork and baptised on 1st August 1837, she always celebrated her birthday on May Day. In collaboration with the Mother Jones Museum in Mount Olive, Illinois the Cork Mother Jones committee held a special toast to Mother Jones at the commemorative plaque which was unveiled in 2012 to mark the 175th anniversary of her birth (as Mary Harris) in Cork.

The Cork Mother Jones Committee wishes to take this opportunity to extend May Day greetings to all our friends in Cork, the United States and Worldwide.

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