Mother Jones featured in “Rebel Irish Women” talk in Dublin’s GPO

Prof Rosemary Feurer
Prof. Rosemary Feurer speaking at Dublin’s GPO 19th July 2018.

Cork born Mother Jones was featured in an important lecture by Professor Rosemary Feurer at Dublin’s General Post Office (GPO) last night.  The GPO is an iconic building in the centre of Dublin which was the seized by independence forces as their headquarters during the 1916 Easter Rising.

The series of talks coincides with the centenary of 1918, a pivotal year in modern Irish history.  Last night’s lecture was given by Professor Rosemary Feurer of Northern Illinois University, USA.  Rosemary is an authority on Mother Jones and has spoken at the Spirit of Mother Jones Festival in Cork on a number of occasions.

A number of members of the Cork Mother Jones Committee travelled to Dublin last night in order to attend the lecture.   The lectures on other important women of the era will continue.  For futher information visit

Prof. Rosemary Feurer

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