Some of our musical performances

Below is a list of some of the musical treats that can be enjoyed during the Cork Mother Jones Festival on July 31st and August 1st.

Venue and Performers:-


(1) The Maldron Hotel, John Redmond St

Tuesday 31st July at 9.30pm, admission free.
The Cork Singers Club and Jim Williamson.
Featuring union song covers from Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger
and some Mother Jones songs from Si Khan’s new musical.
Jim Williamson will sing some of the songs from this new
exciting musical, the first time they will be played in public
in the world.

(2) The Firkin Crane, Shandon

Wednesday 1st August at 1pm admission free
Mother Jones concert with Richard T Cooke, the
Cork Memory Lane Group, the Active Pulse Drama
Group, James McCarthy play the songs and stories
associated with Mother Jones. Richard himself will
perform a tribute to Mother Jones for the first time.
(3) Outside St.Anne’s Church, Shandon.
Wednesday 1st August at 6.45.
The Butter Exchange Band recital. Free open air
The famous Butter Exchange Band will play the
songs associated with Mother Jones, such as Union Maid
(Woody Guthrie), She’ll be coming round the Mountain when she comes”
“The death of Mother Jones” Gene Autry and stirring union and
mining songs.   .

(3) St.Anne’s Church, Shandon, (The Bells Of Shandon).

Wednesday 1st August at 8.30 pm, Ticket only.
Tickets 10 euro from or 086 3196063.

Featuring Andy Irvine.

This legend of Irish folk music intends to pay
his own tribute to Mother Jones. His album Abocurragh
features his famous track,”The Spirit of Mother Jones”
This will be a unique once off musical event at the
home of Mother Jones, not to be missed.

(4) Maldron Hotel, John Redmond St.

Wednesday, 1st August at 9.30pm. admission free.
Mother Jones Celebration Concert featuring
Hank Wedel, Two Time Polka and a host of musicians,
singers and dancers.
We would like to acknowledge the support
of all the musicians for this unique celebration in honour
of a famous Cork woman, who was born on this day 175 years ago
but who was written out of Cork’s history until this festival.
We are also grateful for the organising skills
of William Hammond of the Cork Folk Festival.


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