Helen O’Donovan R.I.P.

The Cork Mother Jones Committee wish to extend our deepest sympathies to Mick O’Donovan and his family on the death of Helen.

Helen O’Donovan

Helen was a great friend to everyone at the annual festival and contributed and gave so much to this event over the past 8 years. 
She had the voice of an angel and her beautiful rendering of classic songs such as “Mother”, “Black Flowers” and “The Curragh Wrens” in and around Shandon will live on forever in all our hearts and memories.
May Helen Rest in Peace.

2 thoughts on “Helen O’Donovan R.I.P.

  1. I would just like to say thank you so much for your beautiful comment about Helen, she loved singing, she was a song bird.
    With lots of love from Mick (husband) Rachel (daughter) Sean (son) her son-in-law William, her daughter-in-law Shona and her beautiful 3 grandsons who she cherised (Liam, Bobby & Danny)

  2. Helen was one of a kind.

    For her entire life she never changed: She was true to herself and never lost the unique dress sense that defined her. I will always remember her as the gently spoken, kind and thoughtful friend I seemed to know forever. But boy when she sang:….her voice had the power, and the might, to raise goosepimples on the toughest skins: yet she still remained humble despite her extraordinary talent.

    I do remember years ago though, vanity did make a brief appearance when she thought she was the best Squash player in the world.
    She actually wasn’t, believe it or not?!!!! , ….. But many’s the good night we had when the rivalry between us was left in the squash court after a league game, we simply reverted to being friends again and had a session.

    Her love for Mick, Rachel and Sean was palpable, and her grandchildren were her absolute pride and joy.

    You did a great job Helen, so sleep easy my lovely friend.

    I’m sure the love you instilled in your precious family will keep them strong, and the impression you left on all of us who were lucky enough to have known you will forever keep your memory alive.

    Thanks especially for my own memories Helen, and from the Cork Mother Jones Festival for your priceless contribution to the festival since it began. xxxx

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